1. To develop moral qualities like sincerity, loyalty, punctuality, obedience, self-discipline and hard work.
  2. To extend a hand of friendship to each other, both, in and out of school.
  3. To lead a life based on priorities of values and principles.
  4. To experience God, hidden in nature, in the events of life and in the depth of one’s own heart, thus enabling them to face problems of life patiently and courageously without losing hope.
  5. To be selfness, courteous, gentle and noble.
  6. To be kind, understanding and generous towards the poor and the weaker sections of the society.
  7. To be courageous enough to carry out ones assignments.
  8. To grow in the spirit of forgiveness by curbing negative thinking, jealousy and vindictiveness.
  9. To foster family spirit by ever widening the circle of their friendship.
  10. To develop healthy competitive spirit without being destructive and over ambitious.
  11. To offer help to any visitor, you happen to meet on the school premises.
  12. To use the power of their pen to fight against social evils to build a just society.
  13. To remember that confidence and good manners will add charm to your personality.
  14. To inspire and to be inspired by cultivating interest in reading.
  15. To keep the school building and its surroundings neat, clean and beautiful.
  16. To foster dignity of labour and to reap hundred fold by making proper use of time which is life itself.
  17. To express their love for India, their motherland, by giving their best to the nation.
  18. To cultivate the virtues of tolerance and communal harmony irrespective of caste, colour and religion.
  19. To adopt simple living and high thinking that would help them to take up initiatives and challenges.
  20. To show sincerity, truthfulness, worthiness towards members of the Holy Family and wish all the staff in and out of the school.

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