Bus Commuters Rules


As the school doesn’t own any buses, arrangements are made with the private bus operators to provide transport facility:

  1. But it is not obligatory on our part to arrange the transport facility if the route does not suit any particular child.

  2. The pickup and drops points, shall be in accordance with the guidelines of Chandigarh and Panchkula Administration and also of Traffic Police.

  3. Pickup and Drop points of every child will be informed by the transporter as per directions of the the school management and it cannot be changed during the academic year unless there is a change in residence. If the residential address falls on the existing route, only then you can avail the facility.

  4. The bus operators are allowed neither to make any change in the route nor to make any new entries during the session without the permission of the Principal.

  5. If the bus does not reach to pick up the child on any particular day due to any unforeseen reasons, the parent must bring the child to school.

  6. All parents are requested to make the child reach the stop atleast five minutes before the scheduled time.

  7. Bus fee shall be paid 11 ½ months through Canara Bank, Zirakpur. Bus fee book can be collected from the school office.

  8. Whenever the bus fare is revised, you will be informed in writing by the school.

  9. In case you desire to discontinue the bus facility, an advance notice of one month is required to be given to the school and a copy to the bus operator.

  10. Even if you avail the bus facility for a few days in a month, you have to pay for the full month.

  11. Students are not allowed to use two different routes or buses without the permission of the Principal.

  12. Ordinarily one way facility is not permitted, but if you desire so, permission is to be sought from the Principal but with full payment.

  13. Bus fee is not to be paid directly to the bus operator/driver/conductor. It has to be deposited in the bank.

  14. Kindly note the registration number of the bus and the number allotted by the school which are mentioned in the Bus fee booklet. Every child should remember one’s respective bus numbers. These numbers can not be changed by the operators on their own without the permission of the school.

  15. If you have a legitimate/reasonable complaint, you are requested to inform the operator first. In case they fail to satisfy you, you may write to or contact the Principal giving the correct name of the operator and the bus number.

  16. Kindly inform the Principal in writing:
  17. If the bus carries students more than 1.5 seating capacity of the bus.

  18. If the bus conductor is absent frequently.

  19. If the operator ask to pay the bus fee directly to him.

  20. If the bus is driven recklessly.

  21. If the same bus does not ply for both sides.

  22. If any other person other than the regular driver and conductor travels in the bus.

  23. If any other legitimate complaint you have regarding the bus.

  24. While traveling, students are requested to follow the instructions given below for their own safety. Parents too are requested to advise their children about the same:

  25. Listen to the instructions of the driver, conductor and the teacher in the bus.

  26. Help the junior kids to be seated.

  27. See that the door of the bus is always bolted if the conductor is absent. Bolt the door of the bus before the bus moves.

  28. Be at your stop 5 minutes before the arrival of the bus.

  29. Do not play, move up and down or stand in the bus.

  30. Do not throw out waste papers or food particles through the window.

  31. Do not stand on the steps while traveling.

  32. Do not cause in-discipline in the bus.

  33. Verbal or physical fight is strictly forbidden in the bus.

  34. Do not get down anywhere other than your allotted stop.

  35. Do not distribute sweets, cakes and snacks in the bus to the students on your birthday or any other occasion. It is strictly forbidden.

  36. Those who cause indiscipline in the bus or does not follow above rules will be asked to discontinue after the second warning.

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