1. Leave from school can be obtained by filling the leave application form provided when a student is not physically fit to attend school. Taking leave for social functions is generally discouraged. In case it is very important you must seek prior permission from the principal. An application regarding the same should be submitted to the office on a working day or during the school hours.

  2. In case the student is ill he/she must stay at home and rest. Do not put other children at risk of infection. You should not come to school for an evaluation or examination.

  3. Students will not be permitted to go home after evaluation or examination.

  4. On joining school after an illness, it is mandatory that you submit a medical fitness certificate from the doctor.

  5. The names of students who remain absent without leave application for two weeks shall be struck off the rolls.

  6. Half day is not allowed.

  7. Leave exceeding two days shall require the prior sanction of the principal. Those students who are absent on the first day of the academic session will lose their seat unless a written application, stating a concrete reason for his/ her absence should be submitted to the Principal well in time and is sanctioned by her.

  8. Leave for absence will not ordinarily be granted on the first day of the academic session, last day before every vacation and re-opening days after summer and winter vacations. In case of an emergency, school authorities must be informed well in time and the leave must be sanctioned by the principal.

  9. In case your ward needs leave, the application should reach to the school at least one day in advance and for any unforeseen happenings or sickness it should reach on the said day before interval.

  10. In case of medical leave for more than 3 days, a medical certificate supported by medical prescription of the concerned hospital from which treatment is being taken is to be submitted along with the application.

  11. More than 10 days leave will not be granted at a time but prolonged illness or exceptional cases supported by authentic documents could be considered by the Principal on the basis of a justified and good cause.

  12. Without prior sanction of leave or any written information to the school if a student remains absent from the school for more than six consecutive days, it is tantamount to voluntary withdrawal of the pupil by the parent and in such case his/ her name will be automatically struck off from the attendance register. In case you wish him/ her to re-join, it will be granted only on written assurance that the same will not be repeated. An application with an explanatory reason of absence along with the receipt of the deposit of a fine of `2000/- is a pre-requisite for re-joining within a month from the date of absence.

  13. Keep your child at home if he/ she is suffering from contagious diseases like mumps, measles, chicken pox, small pox, whooping cough, conjunctivitis (sore eyes) and send him to school only with a doctor’s fitness certificate.

The following period of isolation is recommended :

Measles 5 days after the rash disappears
Mumps 1 week after the swelling goes down
Chicken pox & Small pox till all the blisters dry and fall off
Conjunctivitis till no white discharge comes out of the eyes

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