Recommendation to Parents

  1. Parents should see that the student should not scribble or dirty the school diary. Parents must open the diary everyday to see if there is any information/ notice/ remarks from the teacher and must duly sign it.
  2. It may please be noted that children will not be sent home in an emergency with any person other than the parents/ guardians during school hours without a written request from the parents/ guardian.
  3. Parents are requested to come to school properly dressed.
  4. You will not provide a mobile phone to your ward till he is in Holy Family School.
  5. Parents are not permitted to walk into classrooms or interview teachers during class hours. The principal’s permission is a must in this matter.
  6. The Name, Roll No., Class and Section of the pupil should be clearly marked on all his/her belongings such as tiffin box, water bottles, cardigans and jackets.
  7. Parents/ guardian should give sufficient attention and time to the children and help them in their studies at home.
  8. You should not ask your children to come home from school before the classes end.
  9. Please do not send a sick child to school. The child will be sent back and the school management will not be responsible for any mishap.
  10. Television viewing by the children should be carefully monitored as it inculcates a wrong set of values and message. Please ensure that your child only watch programmes which is suitable for his/ her age group.
  11. No parent is permitted to use abusive language in the school campus. Entry of such parents will be debarred and the child will be expelled.
  12. No parent is permitted to threaten any employee or student of the school. The result will be his/her child’s expulsion.
  13. Parents must co-operate and encourage their child to participate in school functions and activities. A student may be asked to leave if he/she does not cooperate. It is must that students take part in the Annual Day Programme.
  14. Parents/ guardians are requested to co-operate with the school in ensuring a high standard of morality and discipline among the students.
  15. Parents are advised to ensure that their child prepares his/ her lessons regularly at home and take keen interest in the activities of the school.
  16. Criticism of the teachers in the presence of students should be prudently avoided as this may adversely affect the child.
  17. Parents are requested to sign the progress report and the occasional report from the teachers.
  18. Parents/guardians are required to notify the school of any change in their address, phone numbers.
  19. While sending letters or making any inquiry please note the name of the child, the class and the admission number.
  20. Parents who regularly fail to attend Parent-Teacher meetings will be deemed to be not interested in their wards’ education and the student may be asked to discontinue.
  21. Parents are not allowed to give lunch box during the class time.
  22. Parents are requested not to approach the teachers for private tuitions or phone numbers.
  23. Kindly don’t buy anything from roadside vendors as there is no assurance of the quality, purity and hygiene of the goods.

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